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Student & Parent Testimonial by: Kavya & Poyani Mehta

Testimonial by Kavya Mehta

Kavya Mehta on completing Level 1 of our Writing Program.

In the beginning of the writing course I was a bit nervous and unsure of what all it entailed. I also found some of the assignments a tad difficult as in school I had never done them before. Eventually as time passed, I became more confident and started finding the assignments much easier than before. Ms Tanya taught me many absorbing keys to writing better.

I also learnt how to make my stories/write-ups crisp. Whenever I struggled or had any difficulties Ms Tanya motivated me and encouraged me to try harder than before. I really enjoyed the writing program and had a great experience. I have always loved writing but now I have learnt so many new ways on how to write. I really enjoyed the Immersive Writing as I had never done something like it before. I will miss this class a lot. 

Kavya and her mum Poyani Mehta

Testimonial by Poyani Mehta

Ms.Tanya has been a wonderful encouraging teacher. Kavya has always had a flair for writing stories but the writing program was a different route for her.

It took her to another path which was filled with lots of research and taught her to have clarity and lucid in writing. Tanya has mentored her well and as Kavya has said earlier itself that she was going to miss her weekly assignments with Ms. Tanya.

Contributor: Kavya Mehta

About our Writing Program Student
Kavya Mehta is a 13-year-old girl 7th grader from Mumbai who loves reading, writing stories and listening to music. She also loves learning new languages and knowing about the countries of the world. Kavya takes a keen interest in reading about mental health, she plays the violin and enjoys spending time with cats and dogs!

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