Student Testimonial by – Sruthi R

Sruthi R, on completing Level 1 – Basic & Intermediary Levels of our Writing Program!

It was during lockdown when I decided to learn a new skill and that was when I got to know about Online Content Writing Programs by Tanya Munshi. I connected with Tanya through the Sheroes platform and she was very patient and calm in explaining the whole process of the writing program.

Tanya helped me to channelise my ideas and thoughts to be expressed through writing. She was so helpful in clearing all my doubts at any time and never hesitated to explain the doubts many times until it was clear.

She made me believe that I had the ability to write. She always motivated me when I was down or was stuck at any point. I had got a wonderful opportunity to completely learn the basic and intermediate levels of the writing program. It was indeed a very happy moment when some of my articles made up to the Top Post in IndiBlogger.

Since I was pursuing this course along with my job, there were times I couldn’t complete the assignments on time, but Tanya was so patient and really kind in understanding and gave us the comfort of writing and putting in our the best effort.

I always felt like I lacked in learning new skills but Tanya has helped me overcome that by being a mentor and guiding me. I wish her success in her future endeavours. I really had a good time learning how to write better!

Contributor: Sruthi Ravinarayanan

About our Writing Program Student
Sruthi is working as Test Engineer in Mindtree Bangalore. She is interested in writing blogs and learning new languages. Currently, she speaks six languages – English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.
When she’s not learning something new, she loves dancing, singing and spending time with her pets.

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