Emperor Butterflies

I had a rare chance of catching an early morning show. It was right here in my verandah where I was seated on the first row on my garden chair with my hot cup of tea and a cookie. 

The star performers were a bunch of Emperor butterflies who glided across the water-cloloured blue sky. There were in three bright hues – red, blue and a yellow. They looked like paper kites but with a mind of their own.

But wait, I see dragon flies too. They appeared the scene like a group of rowdy bikers trying to break the colourful display of aerobatics performed by the Emperors. No matter how much they tried, the confused and buzzy dragonflies could not deter the Emperors. While the Emperors true to their name, maintained their calm and continued what they do best, the dragonflies buzzed around aimlessly and crashed into each other.

As soon as the show got over, the Emperors left the scene, leaving a cluster of dragonflies in a dizzy.

“Ther are butterflies outside my window…red, white and yellow” ~ Tanya Munshi. 🙂

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