Why no trust in faith

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I have full faith in you…

Text by: Milind Pradhanani

It was late in the evening yesterday, when I was about to leave from office, my 8-year-old son Naitik called me on my phone and said, “Once you reach our residential building, please give me a call as I have some work with you before you come up home.”

I did as he has told me (as if I had an option). He came down and asked me to accompany him to the backyard of the next building that shared a common wall with ours.

I became curious and asked him why? He replied, “Almost a week back while he was playing with his friend, his ball flew to the backyard of the next building. Ever since he’s been wanting to go there to find it and bring the ball back. Now it was already dark around 8.30 pm and at the backyard of the building didn’t have the lights on and Naitik’s only hope was my mobile torchlight.

I suggested an easy way out, “Champ, let’s not waste our time as its dark now and besides, the ball got lost a week ago and we may not find it. Also, there is a fair chance that someone would have already taken your ball by now. So just forget it, but don’t you worry I will get you a new ball for you.”

But he declined saying, “Let’s go and search once, we’ll get the ball don’t worry and I have full faith in you that you will find it for me.”

His faith in me made me feel good. I decided to go with him. We switched on the lights in the backyard and we began our search between the grass and stones while I secretly admired his innocence.

He then said, “Do one thing Papa, you go check that side and I am sure, if it has gone there, you will find it. And would you believe it, I went there and within a minute, I spotted the ball.

Even I couldn’t believe my eyes, as that spot is not even visible from where I was standing for him to be so certain. I gave the ball to him and after getting my thank you kiss; he said, “See Papa, I had full faith in you. I just knew that you will find my ball!”

Now, this statement honestly made me wonder that what is that big difference between him and me that I am don’t have as much faith the way he does. When we have faith in something or someone, then why is it so difficult for us to be sure about it? For him, he was so sure just the way we are when we place an at a restaurant knowing very well that we shall get what we have asked for?

It made me think whether there have there been instances where I had faith the way Naitik had in something and got positive results?

Yes, I have, so why can’t I continue the same!

Why? Why? Why?

This question has just stayed with me and I am still not able to completely justify myself with the various answers that I have got. A few standard things, which came to my mind, are:

  • It was just a fluke
  • God never hears me
  • I have always been unlucky
  • I am not a positive person and so on

I did an introspection, that if I am going through my share of challenges which will break or make me, in this scenario…

Do I believe in myself?


Do I have faith in God?

Yes, I do.

Do I trust him?

Yes I do.

Do I trust him the way Naitik does with full confidence?

No, I don’t.

During my quest, I read a quote – “FAITH is a small word, but has supreme implications. The problem today is that people have DOUBTS in their FAITH and have full FAITH in their DOUBTS.”

The above lines really summarized beautifully what I had to say.

I had read once that “the child is the father of the man” and for the first time I experienced it. It is so important in today’s world to have the faith of a child within us all the time. As we grow up and come to terms with realities such as failures, rejections and losses, this trust keeps on diminishing which is really sad.

But can we alter it? I believe we can and we don’t even have to go too far. All we need to do is just spend time with our children and we will learn to have in faith in the uncertain and maybe it will rub off on us too!

Milind Pradhanani, Director at Phi Creative Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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