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Children’s Day Contest: #BachpanwithTLP Winners

So here we are, ready with the results. The Lifestyle Portal had launched the Children’s Day Contest: Bachpan with TLP Contest on 6th November and we’ve got some really superb entries.

It is truly very humbling to see how our readers took out time from their busy schedule to fish out a childhood picture from their photo albums and share with us. We truly appreciate your gesture.

So now, the winners. To be honest, we had decided to give away only one prize, but owing to the encouraging response we’ve received, we’re giving away a few freebies extra! 😀  Yay!!

Drumrolls, please…

1st Prize WinnerBijal Gala Shah: We simply loved the brilliant photograph from her childhood and a superb caption. Truly, well said Bijal.

1st Prize Winner: Bijal Gala Shah, from Mumbai

2nd Prize WinnerAjas Gogri: Your childhood photo captured a moment, that’s beyond words. We loved your photo, way to go Ajas!

2nd Prize Winner: Ajas Gogri from Mumbai

3rd Prize WinnerNatasha Moolya: Your photograph with your sister captioned Chal meri Luna – made us laugh. You’ve struck a chord in our hearts. We loved your childhood photograph.

3rd Prize Winner: Natasha Moolya from Pune

Special WinnerSudeshna Sengupta: Your photograph from your childhood days melted our hearts. We can’t thank you enough for being such a sport and sharing this beautiful photo with us. You certainly deserve an award for being one of our oldest and the most graceful participant! Thank you 😀

Surprise Winner: Sudeshna Sengupta from Mumbai

Honourable Mentions – While the others didn’t take home a prize, they definitely deserve a special mention.

Photo by: Kasturi Sen, Mumbai

Kasturi Sen: Your look cute as a button in your childhood photo with your Dad.

Photo by: Saloni Mirchandani Malkani, Mumbai

Saloni Mirchandani Malkani – By looking at your childhood photo, you most certainly carry the legacy of cuteness.

Photo by Shalini Digvijay, Mumbai

Shalini Digvijay – What a brilliant capture of a mother-daughter moment.

Photo by Siddharth Gogri, Mumbai

Siddharth Gogri – You bet, being the younger sibling certainly has its advantages.

Photo by Nikki Pandey Awasthi

Nikki Pandey Awasthi – We couldn’t stop laughing, thank you for this priceless photo. We shall be careful next time we meet.

Photo by Isha Ray Samajpati, Pune

Isha Ray Samajpati – I mean, how cute can one get and maintain the cuteness even now! This certainly IS an art!

Photo by Manisha Kothari, Mumbai

Manisha Kothari – Well said, brothers and sisters are always balancing the act between angels and demons. Don’t we just dig this ‘love-hate’relationship 😉

Photo by Ramdeep Rakhroy, Noida

Ramdeep Rakhroy – You’re a born princess, and we love your Dorothy shoes. Did you finally meet The Wizard of Oz? 😉

Photo by Sunita Rajani, London

Sunita Rajani – You’re one cute little princess, thanks for sharing this priceless photo!

Wait, if you’re thinking what happened to our team? Well, here we are (of course we didn’t take part in the contest, but here’s what we looked like when we were err…younger).

Photo by Bhumika Vikam, Mumbai

Bhumika Vikam – A priceless photo of Bhumika and her dad. Isn’t this a truly beautiful picture?

And now here’s me (Well, saving the best for the last ;)) – Tanya Munshi – Yes, I was quite a brat and still am! Koi shak? 😉

Photo by Tanya Munshi, Mumbai

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