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Men’s take on Women’s Day – Zubair Poonawalla

From the proverbial glass ceiling to celebrating Men’s Day, here are the views of a man who feels that women are a powerhouse and all-encompassing talent who are out changing the world.
The Lifestyle Portal interviewed Zubair Poonawalla, the Founder and CEO of Reach Out, a Public relations firm in Pune. Sharing Zubair’s views and thoughts on Women’s Day and the importance of having them around.
Zubair Poonawalla, Pune

Thoughts on Women and Women’s Day

“There is nothing without women in this world.  First and foremost they make it more beautiful and they are giving men a run for their money nowadays. This makes the celebration of International Women’s Day very important. The woman in my life is like the pillar and although I’m the face, she is the main person behind everything. She is like the director of a film who does everything but is never highlighted,” says Zubair.

Sharing his views if the world should celebrate Men’s Day, Zubair adds, “Men’s Day is actually a good idea and I would actually want it to be celebrated somewhere between Valentine’s Day and Children’s Day say in April or May when there are school holidays for most children in India so the entire family can have fun and celebrate the day. The man can actually celebrate his role as a son, a father and a husband. Also, it is rightly said that behind every successful man there is a woman so we can never feel side-lined on Women’s Day.”

Plans for women’s day

Zubair plans a half day at the office and then going for a nice drive with his wife somewhere in the hills. The evening dinner would be at her favourite place and apart from that he also plans to help a few needy women through a friend’s NGO. A day truly well spent indeed!

What India must do for women

“I would suggest bringing in more strict laws in some states at least where it’s so fearful to be a woman and women are scared to even step out. People who don’t respect women should be socially acquitted so that they are shamed. Also, bringing in a change in schools where children are taught to respect girls and women – this will ensure that the thought process is changed right from the beginning,” feels Zubair

Failure or success- who is responsible?

Zubair explains, “A woman has to play different roles- that of a daughter, wife, mother, leader and has to lead by example at work or at home. She also has to balance her life very finely between a thin line of the corporate world and home. All said and done the woman of a house makes and runs the home and she is the one responsible to keep all of the family together. So, yes at times, I feel she is held back unwillingly due to her children and family and has to work very hard for both to create a fine balance.”

Women at work

“We have currently 9 staff members working for us in Pune and you will be glad to know that all of them are women.  They are actually more dedicated, meticulous, proactive and have a great sense of ownership as compared to men. When I look at the world around me, I feel gone are the days when women were held back and not let to follow their dreams. We now live in a new India and if you see around us or look back in history we have women who create and bring changes and also lead the corporate world. The proverbial glass ceiling has gone away long back,” smiles Zubair.

Zubair signs off with a beautiful message to all our women readers. He says, “We exist because of you!”

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