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Men’s take on Women’s Day- Siddharth Samson

Here’s an interesting take on Women’s Day, where the young man we interviewed shares how as men they need to be more sensitive to women’s issues. It’s heartening to see that even men think so sensitively towards women’s causes, this interview will show you how.
The Lifestyle Portal interviewed Siddharth Samson, a Chennai based 28-year-old, Electrical and Electronics Engineer, and an active blogger. Read on to know his views on Women’s Day and the change that needs to come.
Siddharth Samson, Chennai

Thoughts on Women and Women’s Day

Siddharth begins by saying, “Though I feel many women in different domains and sectors are breaking the glass ceiling and have already demonstrated a capability and presence at par with the men, Women’s Day should celebrate their success, presence and the uniqueness of being a woman. I believe it is our responsibility to ensure that we remember and celebrate women who are so special in so many ways.”

He further adds, “I greatly believe that there have been fascinating testimonies in my life with regards to the role played by women. Right from taking risks to being able to take tough resilient decisions in my life – I have always been inspired by great women. Their spirit of dedication and their determination to leave behind a legacy worth emulating always remains an inextinguishable memory.”

We asked Siddharth whether there should be a Men’s Day and he says, “I have never felt the need of Men’s Day as I completely feel we are okay without a special day dedicated to us. In some or the other way – I feel women are more special than men. Also, I completely feel every woman definitely remembers the man who had been a pillar of support and inspiration in her due process of recognition and success.”

Plans for women’s day

Siddharth plans to make the women in his office feel special by giving them gifts and he shall also request them to tell an unfulfilled wish which he and other men in the office would try and fulfill.

What India must do for women

“I think we must not be complacent with the status quo. The Ministry of Women and Child Development has to be strictly regulated along with ensuring proper utilization of funds for core priorities like sanitation and education.

Sex education is a must and a gender sensitisation is also a very crucial step which remains unfulfilled. A girl or a young woman would really be questioned so insensitively in a police station, that we do not realise that it is the worst form of harassment faced.

I think any parent who aborts a girl child needs to be punished severely. Leadership positions must also give way to more women to lead and head enterprises,” adds Siddharth.

Failure or success- who is responsible?

Siddharth explains, “I truly agree that men are also responsible for the success or a failure of women. A decision is a personal choice. But external factors like the family pressures, overprotective nature of not allowing their daughters to take their own paths with regards to their profession and personal decisions, tough phases in a women’s life like postpartum depression and other health-related issues like hormonal imbalance etc together do exercise an excruciating overload of various responsibilities and challenges which creates a disequilibrium in the cycle of work-life balance.”

He feels that as men they should master this art of understanding the true challenges and feelings of a woman, then he feels that both men and women together will be successful celebrating their victory in the true sense.

Women at work

According to Siddharth, women have exciting ideas and wonderful thoughts along with their ability to manage, lead, guide, mentor, teach and yet excel in all multitasking responsibilities. I think entrepreneurship is all about an idea and the ability to take risks with a strong passion to go there and test new terrains. That has nothing to do with gender except the fact that women entrepreneurship can truly be a successful case study, provided men also cooperate, support and aid in achieving the common goal of delivering effective outputs.

“I have always worked in a team majorly consisting of women. I believe it is crucial that we have more women in more departments and sectors as certainly efficiency and coordination becomes very high when we work with our female colleagues. Personally speaking, I have immensely benefited from having been mentored by a woman which definitely speaks volumes of so many virtues they possess. It will be a true blessing to have them on board,” adds Siddharth.

“I also don’t deny the fact that the glass ceiling does exist and we as a society are to blame for that. Now when I see successful and accomplished women achieving great feats – I definitely feel that they would serve as an inspiration and a catalyst in the lives of many girls who have great dreams. The number of women joining the armed forces is still less owing to the perception that it’s a man’s world out there and perception battles which have its genesis in the patriarchal mindset of the society. I think it is just a matter of time and our change in perception that is the need of the hour to ensure we allow and celebrate our girls to go ahead and break the glass ceiling,” smiles Siddharth.

Siddharth signs off with a wonderful message to all our women readers. He says, “I think women need to combat the patriarchal mindsets of many other women which are propagated through other stereotypical thinking and behaviour. And also never stop asking questions as well as raise your voice when a violation of a women’s right happens as the next generation will definitely bring more progressive changes and ideas to celebrate the spirit and presence of a woman. It is high time that we are open, outspoken, alert and articulate our ideas through various effective forums and platforms.”

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Tanya is a graduate in Sociology from Sophia College, Mumbai, a post-graduate in Communications and Media from SNDT Women’s University in Mumbai and holds a Master's Degree in Journalis & Mass Communications from Chandigarh University. A former writing mentor and a seasoned lifestyle writer, Tanya writes columns on The Lifestyle Portal of life and living.

4 thoughts on “Men’s take on Women’s Day- Siddharth Samson

  • Very well articulated capturing the current state of matters.

  • Abhinav Agarwal

    Great thought Siddharth. I wish many men in India could have a similar thought. It’s true women are always better than men and they need not prove that. We as men should respect them and support them in all the possible way.
    Happy Women’s Day to all the female out there.

  • Uma Maheswari

    Thanks Siddharth. Being an English teacher i just admired every word said. Thoughts flowing spontaneously in logical coherence everything captured quintessentially. Giving women their due respect holding them in esteem motivating them to the next level that too in a friendly manner is greatly appreciable. Thinking of the sanitation education n breaking the glass ceiling is heart warning. Planning to fulfil the wishes of your friends and colleagues am really surprised. In a world dominated by men trying to make them feel happy n giving them blissful joy to cherish for a lifetime is no easy task. Kudos to you👍🙏🙌🙌

  • nirmal kumar

    Super… 👍👍👍👍


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