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The Memorable Appetite

Text by Nancy Kansal, Homemaker, Ludhiana

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“Memories” a word which gives you goosebumps thinking about the old time. And “food” especially for a girl which remind her about her mayka, her family which she left behind to be part of some other family.

I still remember the date it was 20th July 2000 as it was the celebration for my younger brother; the duo was blessed with a baby boy. I still remember those smiles. My grandparents’ happiness to see their youngest grandchild. We the proud sisters. And my mother was happy just seeing everyone smiling.

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Checks Mini (Rs. 550 each) Consolation Prizes from Ektra Superware Fine Dining

Preparation for the occasion started with great zeal. Everyone was busy. A short heightened overweight man entered asking for the food menu. After finalizing the lunch menu, my grandfather asked him to make some sweet dish and I was just standing there seeing their faces like waiting for last decider ball in World Cup finale. Finally, the sweet dish was decided as “besan ke ladoo” and I can still feel my happiness even today.

And finally, the day arrived. The lunch party got over, the sweet dish distributed and the guests moved back to their places. But the happiest thing is that we were left with at least 4-5 kgs of those ladoos. My grandmother kept them in our old almirah. Everything got back to places except one thing my mind roaming in those ladoos.

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Finally, the eating program started. Hehe. One ladoo I ate in the morning. It was more delicious than my thoughts. And the taste keeps on going the whole day with too much ladoos. Without coming in the notice of anyone. This phenomenon of eating ladoos kept going for two days. By the third day the final destination, all the ladoos started playing in my stomach with lots of trouble. The ladoo intake ended with complementary medicine. Then the dabba of ladoos got checked by my grandmother. And she was asking me whether I was sure I ate this as nobody could judge seeing my body structure.

Haha… After that on every occasion or when we go to the temple, the sweet dish is always besan ke laddoo or barfi which my grandmother started preparing at home just for me. But she definitely checked my quantity intake. Today whenever I eat them, it reminds me of those days but I never got that taste my grandmother use to cook.

Nancy Kansal, homemaker, Ludhiana
Nancy Kansal, homemaker, Ludhiana

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