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Rakhi Contest – 2nd Prize Winner – We are partners in Crime!

Here’s our second prize winning story, sent in by Sarita Pandey. Sponsored by Kanhaa Creations, you take home the beautiful Peacock Motif Key Hook worth Rs. 550/-. 

Sarita, we’ll look forward to your picture posing with your prize! 

Read her winning story right here…

It is said that with a sibling by your side, the tallest of obstacles seem like smallest of pebbles! And this is so true.

My brother is four years younger to me and though he is 25 now, he is still my “baby” brother. Over the years I have seen him grow from a chubby naughty baby to a fine guy.

Today when I look back I still dread his embarrassing questions on birds and bees. And some other times when I was made to pay the price for studying in the same school as him (I would be summoned for all his goof ups). This relationship also had a financial bearing, not to mention that this means ‘bearing upon my finances’ because no matter how much he earned, he always remained broke! He made me buy an iPod worth rupees fifteen thousand only , because he did not want our parents to find out that the one he bought had been stolen by a monkey (seriously??!!)….I still do not believe this story. 😉

It was December and I was dating my husband, then my boyfriend and wanted to go with him to the Christmas ball. However, my mother being a typical insecure mom shunned the idea completely. I decided that it was time to put another plan in motion which required help from my brother. After all god gave siblings to hide your clandestine meetings, boyfriends (and bad marks in return of a small bribe). In this case I did not need to bribe him because of the 15K I mentioned earlier. He told my mother that he wanted to attend the Christmas mass in Afghan church. It is a heritage structure in south Mumbai built in 1835 and the Christmas mass there is quite famous. My mom relented after much coaxing and dad thought we were going just for the wine that they gave at the end!

We reached the church from where i went to the party and my brother sat through the mass. However, it turns out that the night did not go bad for him as he had a “pretty beautiful” view from his seat. He had this nice looking lady sitting by his side and a few more that came strolling later, and over the course of night he also realised that Afghan church was quite popular with firangs as well (Lucky guy!)!

The only time he faced hitches was when a few “aunties” enquired about me. There is something about colony aunties that automatically sends us in defensive mode. We got through the night with me having a great time with my boyfriend and “Suren” witnessed the prettiest mass of all times! We came back home with solemn and awakened looks on our face, and rushed into our rooms without giving our parents any chance to pose questions about the mass we both never saw! Writing this piece is just my way of saying thanks for being there and looking out for me. Happy Rakshabandhan!

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