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Rakhi Contest – (Honourable mention) – Straight from my Heart

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Even though this story did not make it to the top three, it deserves a mention. This one’s sent in by one of our avid followers, Shruti Chopra. Read on…

My brother has a 3 year old son and I have a 5 year old daughter and we both fight like cats and dogs even now. Okay, I know it’s not the best way of starting a Raksha Bandhan contest write up but thats the truth.

I am the only girl in my family in 25 years and was obviously the pampered by one and all. I was far better than my brother both in academics and co- curricular activities but still I was jealous of him because he was more liked by all.

I could never understand this but since childhood my brother has been protective about me but I never realised the same. When my school uniform skirts would shrink / become short he would tell my mom to buy new ones immediately. I remember he had gone for a school trip and bought me a Rs.2 ring as gift and I made fun of it. My mum was quick to explain to me that it’s the thought that counts but I learnt that only a little later.

Soon he move to a hostel at Sangli to do his engineering and after 2 years I too moved to Pune to pursue Law. During my hostel days, for all five years, ever single year, he came on my birthday just for a day to meet/wish me. I of course loved it but didn’t really understand the real value, effort and thought behind it then.

In my final year of Law, I lost my dad and my brother who was about to purse his masters in engineering left his course and took on the family responsibility. It is from then that I realised how quickly we both had grown up and how all along since childhood,  he had selflessly protected me from the world.

Anything and Everything about me was the most pivotal and important thing for him and my mum.

When my marriage got fixed , I remember he went to Shankar market (in Delhi) with all my suit pieces to buy matching glass bangles for a whooping Rs. 3000/- ( 9 years ago) only to be scolded by mum and me saying that I didn’t wear glass bangles. He further went over board to buy huge ‘matakas’ to give fruits / flowers to my in laws of about 10 kg or so and that’s when my mum had to step in to take control of the marriage shopping. He just didn’t care  and went overboard for anything and everything  and still does.

Well I too have motivated and encouraged him to purse commercial flying and he has successfully done so. But the magnitude of care which he showers on me till date is far greater than what I do to him.

I consider myself only lucky and as  God’s chosen  one to have a brother  like him. Having a sibling especially a brother has been the BESTEST Thing in  my life….

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