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Street Konnect December 2018 Zones at Thakur Village

Centre Stage at Street Konnect
Centre Stage at Street Konnect, December 2018

The Street Konnect is all set to go live with its 5th street fest in Thakur Village this Sunday, 16th November. Just like every year, the Street Konnect team has upped the game and has planned something really big for everyone. From music to innovation, fitness, health and social enterprises, they’ve got a brilliant mix of activities lined up for you.

Here’s what you can look forward to in the five zones that promise something unique. Take a look…

Main Stage

Witness the magical performance of Siddharth Majumdar and Hrishikesh Majumdar, the sons of Pandit Ronu Majumdar. These award-winning flautists of the Swar Sadhana Samiti will enthral you with their music.

Now see whistling in a whole new dimension as a serious art form, courtesy Whistling Melodies. They’re on a mission to change the perception of whistling in India and are known for their diverse compositions and performances across the country.

Also get a chance to meet Karan Chitra Deshmukh. A multi-talented percussionist, who plays the tabla, drums, is a singer and a musician. He has also performed with renowned celebrity artists such as A R Rehman, Papon and Sound of Sufi.

Innovation Zone at Street Konnect
Innovation Zone at Street Konnect December 2018

1. Innovation Zone

Assembling Drone: This will be initiated by YoungButterfly, a self-development platform co-founded by Vivek Jain. They believe that an overall development under an expert guidance is crucial for the next generation to face the world.

Electric Theft Alarm: The following project prototype consists of a setup that can be used to prevent power theft from public streetlights, which are usually targeted. It can also be used to identify any breakdown in those streetlights in real time.

The basic concept of the above setup consists of a current sensor that will be used to calculate the electricity drawn by the lamp. This current along with the supplied voltage is used to measure the power consumed by the lamp in watts. A microcontroller constantly monitors the power consumed by the lamp and alerts when it senses any abnormal activity in the power. These alerts would be sent through TCP/IP protocol also called as IoT (Internet of things). This project would be very helpful to protect and regulate public property against any illegal activity.

Generating Hydrogen: A group of students under the guidance of Rohit Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor at Thakur College of Engineering and Technology, Kandivali East, have developed an Electrolytic cell that converts human urine to hydrogen gas. Hydrogen has the potential to be used as green and clean energy, which is being generated from waste at a much reasonable cost as compared to electrolysis of water. This project was funded by Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Cell under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.

Innovative Games: Meet Anita Jain, sports and a fitness enthusiast who along with her team has created an innovative gaming zone. In the present day, owing to excessive automation and gadgets, the basic elements to connect with nature is lost. As a result, Street Konnect has organized an Innovative Game Zone that is creative and fun-filled, can be made easily, played in the open; and the best part being, are wire free and made from waste. Their objective is that each one of us has an intimate, innovative and reciprocal relationship with nature.

Alternative Healing: A graduate in architecture Roshmila Adhikary, found her passion in alternative healing and art therapy. A live ongoing activity within the Innovation Zone would be various people coming together to colour a large piece of art created by her, thus educating people about the human body as it relates to their internal energy flow, chakra system, and coloring it is a de-stressing activity involving mindfulness and focused awareness.

Art Zone at Street Konnect
Art Zone at Street Konnect, December 2018

2. Art Zone

Experience the Handpan music by Dr Atul Wankhede, for the first time. It is one of the most recent percussion instruments and is said to be one of the most melodious instruments ever. Inspired by ghatam and steel drum, it was born in the year 2000 in Switzerland. A few years later many other countries started making them, including ours recently. It is quite an exotic and a rare instrument as it’s handmade from steel and has set tone fields.

The beauty of Handpan is in its mellow sound, which can easily be related to jal tarang, tabla, santoor, cymbals, xylophone marimba and many others.

PanIndia is a proud organization started by passionate musicians to bring all Indian Handpan players and enthusiasts together. It’s a small community which consists of approximately 40 handpanists, and that’s all there are currently. In view of introducing Handpan to the society and creating awareness, it organizes many events and gatherings regularly.

PanIndia is honored to be a part of Street Konnect this year and hopes to mesmerize the attending audience with their music and workshop. Come and experience the magic of Handpan!

You also get to learn some fun creative art work through AB creative crafting, a place where passion meets creativity conducted by Bhavika Dani and Archana Mehta.

Eco bowl: A unique activity to be conducted by Rajshree Pagaria an artist by profession and owner of Lilac Pallete. This activity in innovation zone has been taken up to show the use of scrap and as well stop the use of plastic. It also shows a healthy and creative way to use scrap in daily life Kids will enjoy taking back home and use it as a candy bowl.

Handmade Art & Craft: Meet and interact with Polly Sanjeev Ghosh, of Sanjeevansh Handmade Arts & Crafts Creations, that specializes in handmade crafts and accessories. Also witness the beauty of Alpona Art by Mrs Paromita Bose, a homemaker who finds fun in creativity loves humming to the old tunes and finds time to connect with loved ones.

Hand Block Painting: Learn the art of Hand block painting by Amrita Sonkiya, a freelance fashion designer and artist with a specialization in canvas painting and different forms of art.

Lippan Art Activity: Don’t miss the Lippan Art Activity to be conducted by Rajshree Pagaria an Artist by profession and owner of Lilac Pallete. In this activity, you will learn more about the local art of Gujarat, where clay and glass mirror are used in 6″/6″ wooden tile.

Pet Zone at Street Konnect
Pet Zone at Street Konnect, December 2018

3. Pet Zone

A zone dedicated entirely to pet parents where they can connect with their pets and understand them better. This workshop will be conducted by Crazy K9 Campers who specialize in hands-on training to pet parents, weekend trips with your pets, behavior consulting and lots more.

Fitness Zone at Street Konnect
Fitness Zone at Street Konnect, December 2018

4. Fitness Zone

Get fit with Asha Menon, the Proprietor of Basics N Beyond who aims to get a fit and healthy Kandivali. Also experience the magic of Aerial Silk by Seema Kelkar, the Proprietor of Flexers fitness art studio. There’ll also be fun activities by one of the most popular multi-sport program for children aged 1.5 to 8 years.

You will also get to interact with team SYYBOL, a systematic and fun full body workout, set to Bollywood dance moves with 5 fitness principles including HIIT.

And last but not the least; get fit through Zumba with Aakriti Chhabra a certified zumba instructor.

Free Zone at Street Konnect
Free Zone at Street Konnect, December 2018

5. Free Zone

Community Konnect: Thakur Village has many groups that are working for the betterment and upliftment of the neighbourhood. Street Konnect attempts to showcase a few of these groups so as to make more people aware of them.

Village Music Club: Music lovers of Thakur Village unite! Come and see what The Village Music Club is all about. Formed by a bunch of music lovers including some well-known musicians working for the benefit of Indian music lovers residing in and around Thakur Village. They celebrate diversity in Indian music through concerts and music education programs. With over 250 members in The Village Club, come fall in love with music all over again.

Inner Wheel: The Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Kandivali, is a part of an International Organisation, which is one of the largest organisations run by women and for women, with its presence in 103 countries. IWC Bombay Kandivli is a young and growing Club and is popular among the 65 clubs of the IW District 314 which represents Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. They’re actively engaged in community service in and around Thakur Village in areas of service being Education, Health, Environment, and Special Children.

Soch Sayani: This is an NGO from our very own Thakur Village, who are on a mission to make a positive change in the society. Get to interact with them, join them as you learn about their various upcoming initiatives such as – Gutter Suhani , Colour my Township, Operation Khataara, Plastic ki Antim Yatra and many more.

Mandala Workshop: Playoga is the brainchild of Dt Bhavika Choradia, a Clinical Nutritionist by profession and yoga teacher by passion. They are a team of teachers who teach students of all age groups about the importance of yoga in through different mediums like Mandala yoga therapy, Dance yoga therapy, taichi yoga, acro yoga, partner yoga, colour yoga therapy, angel therapy and many more.

Foot, Back & Shoulder Massage by visually impaired therapists: NGO Trinayani founded by Ritika Sahni works towards creating awareness about disability and diversity issues among public and empowering disabled people by engaging them in meaningful activities. Sparsh Foot Spa located at Kandivali West is the livelihood project of NGO Trinayani to provide employment by training visually impaired massage therapists.

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