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A lot can happen over lunch boxes

Text by Harshali Morajkar, Homemaker, Mumbai

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It was the first day of 6th grade. I was in a new school and literally knew no one. It was all new for me being a little girl I didn’t know how to do an ice breaker. To be honest I was scared that if I speak to others they would judge me or something.

Since we had just relocated, the whole family was busy and in the hustle and bustle of shifting and stuff I had forgotten my tiffin box at home which I realized when I reached school. During the lectures, I thought that I would eat something from the school canteen but when I checked my pockets for money I realized that I had none.

Checks Mini (Rs. 550 each) Consolation Prizes from Ektra Superware Fine Dining
Checks Mini (Rs. 550 each) Consolation Prizes from Ektra Superware Fine Dining

I was very pissed at myself but my hunger took over very soon. I guess whenever you don’t have food you get more hungry. Soon the lunch break was on and I decided to sit in a corner. And I did the same but after five minutes I heard someone calling me. I looked here and there terrified, thinking that everyone will make fun of me because I didn’t have lunch. But to my surprise there was this cute little girl who was calling me. I went up to her and she asked me my name. After a tiny ice breaker she offered to share her lunch with me. In her Lunch Box she had carried Alu Vadi. It was soft and a bit crunchy at the same time. I could not believe I immediately hugged her and said thank you.

Harshali Morajkar
Harshali Morajkar

Yes! We became friends and over a period of time and many lunch boxes later we’re still best friends to date. Well I gotta say “a lot can happen over lunch boxes”.

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