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Srishti – Creations for a beautiful lady

The Lifestyle Portal is happy to introduce to you a budding entrepreneur from Palakkad. What we liked about her venture is that in spite of her busy schedule of being a Montessori teacher she finds time to pursue and follow her dreams and turn them into reality.

Many of us put our dreams aside because of social, family and work commitments and not realising that giving wings to one’s own dreams is equally important.

As women, we are trained to live for others, but this thought process is gradually changing where we are waking up to the fact that living for ourselves is not selfish but a much-needed spark to light up our lives.

Meet Sangeetha Santhosh, a Graduate in Economics, a Certified Montessori Teacher and now the founder of Srishti, a young and vibrant boutique that helps women glam up their wardrobe within a budget.

Sangeetha is a Montessori teacher working for a reputed international school in Palakkad. We caught up with her about her dreams and visions and here’s what she had to share with us.

When did it all begin?

“Let me start by saying if you have “it” in you, you’ll start “it” someday. Most entrepreneurs started their business not just because their ideas were good or they had the money to try something, it’s because they were born to be,” smiles Sangeetha.

Sangeetha loves to travel and while browsing through several shopping malls during festivals she would keenly observe different personalities of shoppers.

She admired women shoppers who had good body language, excellent dressing sense and were bold enough to wear new and unfamiliar colours.

The shopping sprees of multicultural buyers were of great inspiration to her to launch her boutique which catered to women who desired to dress themselves up with something better than the rest.

She launched Srishti in April 2013, with an initial investment of INR 20,000/- and now just 8 months down the line she has more than 3,000 Facebook followers on her boutique’s official business page.

It is hard to believe that with no formal training in the field of garments and textiles that Sangeetha has carved a space for herself through what she calls ‘self-developed through graded steps of thoughts and mind mapping’.

As a boutique owner, she carefully selects the products, sets the prices, and then opens up her boutique doors to customers eager to check out her latest collections and show them off to all their friends.

Sangeetha is proud of the fact that Srishti Boutique offers the latest fashion trends to her esteemed clients. 

She further adds, “Being a teacher, I am trying to multi-task and has been the most challenge for me. I never back down from a challenge, though, so here I am, working it out.”

USP, Products and price range 

Good price, good quality and timely delivery of products makes Srishti products stand out from the rest and that’s what Sangeetha is very proud of.

The fabrics and materials are sourced from selected quality suppliers from across the country and her clients are spread far and wide from India and abroad.

Not to forget, Sangeetha also manages her inventory very well which helps her to avoid any mismatch between demand and supply of her merchandise, which translates into happy customers!

You can visit her boutique online to pick up beautiful salwar suits, sarees, dupattas, artificial jewellery (currently ‘Temple Jewellery’ is the hottest selling item), terracotta jewellery and terracotta home decors – all within the price range is between 200INR to 4,000 INR.

Marketing and Sale

Presently 80% of her sales is derived through her official Facebook business page; but apart from that most of her marketing efforts is self-employed and more importantly it sells by quality.

She concludes by saying, “Apart from few interesting products which I am planning, I am also currently working on an e-commerce site for Srishti where people can easily shop online. I also plan to launch a ‘Cash on Delivery’ facility as well that may be launched in the near future.

Last but not the least, I would also like to expand my brand into a bigger space and I would like to redevelop or reinvent it as a couture brand.”

The Lifestyle Portal wishes her the very best and is sure that she’s surely achieved her goals.

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