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Raina Khatri Tandon – The Breakthrough Coach

Raina Khattri Tandon

We had invited Raina Khatri Tandon as a Guest Speaker for our first Entrepreneur Meetup in Mumbai. In the 10 minutes she spoke, we really liked her positive energy and enthusiasm that was an instant connection with many of our women entrepreneurs.

Here’s our conversation Raina, about her journey from a simple homely girl who lived in a cocooned affluent family and her personal breakthrough when she decided to step out for the first time and study in the UK. Her story makes us realise that many times, we don’t have to cross obstacles outside our spectrum, and it all begins with a single step and from the comfort zone of our homes and families.

Here’s her incredible story, read on…

How did it all begin?

It all started when she decided to visit the UK for her post-graduate studies to be a VLSI System Design Engineer from the University of Westminister. It was a big thing for her, especially when coming from a simple homely girl who hailed from a business family, wanting to pursue a corporate job.

But she was determined to leave that overprotected girl behind and to do something out of the box and unique. It started with taking a bold step to travel abroad alone for the very first time without a single gadget like a mobile or a laptop with her.

“For someone who’s never stepped out of her home or the city, travelled alone all the way to the UK to pursue her post-graduation, it was something,” laughs Raina. She adds, “In fact, I was one of the first in the family of 20 siblings to break the tradition of joining the corporate world and not the business community, which I feel was nothing less than the first unknown Breakthrough that I experienced!”

So she landed in a country where she didn’t know anyone and she became the only woman to be a VLSI Hardware Engineer from her batch of global students from the University of Westminster. Central London (1998 – 2000)

Raina at Women Economic Forum 2018

What came first and how? – International Educator, Breakthrough Transformational Coach, a speaker and a corporate trainer?

In her 15 year career, she has donned so many hats and we couldn’t help her ask what came first. According to Raina, International Educator came in first as she has been actively involved in educating youngsters and has been in the Immigration and Educational sector from the University of Westminster.

“The speaker in me awoke during a presentation session, drama and performances on the school stage. Did I mention that I was also into singing and dancing has been my passion which I still pursue through my casual events connecting and bonding people through relationships,” laughs Raina.

She further adds, “Corporate training happened just about two years ago and ever since I realised that I have a passionate and an inspirational public speaking presence. Eventually, I started focusing on the training on women, a empowerment and leadership and moved on to NLP, Transactional Analysis and Mindfulness and Leadership programs.”

Workshops conducted by Raina Khatri Tandon

  • Raina presently conducts three signature workshops:
  • Relationship Mastery
  • The SuperWoman
  • The Breakthrough of Your Life!(Coming soon)

She explains, “For corporate clients, I conduct leadership, team building, outbound programs, decision making, goal setting and constructive feedback, personal excellence, facilitation, coaching, mindfulness and stress management, change management.”

It is through her workshops and sessions that she aims to bring about a positive transformation in the lives of people whether they’re corporate professionals, youngsters, women or entrepreneurs.

What makes her workshops unique?

“Be it Relationship Mastery or The Superwoman, my workshops draw a systematic practical approach to solutions and results in real life,” says Raina. She further adds, “I have a combination of role plays, PowerPoints, visionary boards, models systems, awareness sheets, application-based examples, Harvard Business Review, research and case studies, Ted talks and inspirational video from Tony Robbins and Marshall Goldsmith, enacting and DIY Methodology and sustaining model of constructive feedback and follow-up which retains the essence and remains in the participants’ minds for a long-lasting impact and continuous growth.”

With Raina at The Lifestyle Portal’s 1st Entrepreneur Meetup

The response and the journey so far

For Raina, the response has been good as she’s chalking out a beautiful experiential journey. She signs off by saying, “I plan on connecting more lives globally and eventually to grow and the drive and passion to reach out to more people. The award and accolades give me more power to work in the areas of leadership, women entrepreneurship, training and coaching and empower all inside out!”

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