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The Art of Bicycling Trips in Bangalore

The beautiful Garden City of Bangalore is more than just the booming IT Industry. Hop onto a bicycle and get a moving lesson in art, history and culture, with the help of the Art of BicycleTrips, a premier tour operator based in Bangalore.

Started by 28-year-old MBA and BTech Graduate Pankaj Mangal, along with his friends Pradeep and Gaurav, The Art of Bicycle Trips promises to make you fall in love with the city and the neighbouring areas as you browse through the beautiful landscapes at leisure.

“While you can discover many places in a car, but cycling gives you a whole new perspective on things. You are active observer then a passive observer”, mentions Pankaj.

How did it all begin?

“It was almost a year ago when the three of us (Pradeep, Gaurav and I) went on bicycle trip of 120km from Bangalore to Cauvery fishing camp. After riding for around 60kms we sat under a statue of Mahatma Gandhi and started discussing on how our trip had been so far. We thought that for some bicycle is utility and for other a revelation of human potential but for us, it was more of an experience. Through that experience the idea of art of bicycle trips emerged.”

Nature of Trips included

The Art of Bicycling Trips includes Day Safaris, Classic Safaris and Private Trips – which include corporate and group trips as well.

Day Safaris

If you’re hard-pressed for time, the ‘Day Safaris’ are an ideal way to explore the Garden City. Their tailor-made biking, walking and hiking itineraries are a great way to spend a day and weekends away from Bangalore. You can take a pick from the Victorian Bangalore Safari to Nrityagram Dance Village Safari, Passage to India, Nandi Challenge, or how about the Sholay Adventure!

Classic Safaris

The Art of Bicycling Trips also take tourists on bicycling trips to Rajasthan, Rajasthan, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Sikkim as well.

“Our classic safaris provide an insider perspective to the most beautiful regions in India. Our entire guided classic cycling tours feature handcrafted itineraries, talented trip leaders and promise to reveal a region’s culture, heritage and cuisine. Join us and rediscover India from the vantage point of saddle,” mentions Pankaj.

These trips range from a minimum of 9 days and can go up to 11 nights. You can take your pick from Colorful Rajasthan, Classic Kerala, Dramatic Karnataka, Enchanting Tamil Nadu and Splendid Sikkim Challenge.

The Team

The Art of Bicycling Trips consists of four members.  With Pankaj as the Founder taking the lead, there’s Ehlin Olufs who is into International Business Development, Neha Misra in charge of Marketing Communications and Poonacha Cariapa as the Marketing Specialist.

“While the aim of The Art of Bicycling Trips is to help people see Bangalore in a whole new way, one of the major challenges that the team faces is to make people understand the concept of cycling holidays. We also regularly organize events like Bicycle Film Festival to make people aware of such concepts,” adds Pankaj.

The other challenge that the Team faces is that the popularity and the notion of cycling trips among Indian tourists.

Pankaj admits that they get more of foreign tourists, as they are already aware of a cycling holiday concept. “Indians are still far from knowing what it means and what are cycling trips. They always ask me what does it mean?,” quips Pankaj.

So the next time you’re in Bangalore, get in touch with Pankaj and his team and get to know Bangalore or other states of India in an all-new way!

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