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Mother’s Day Contest – 2nd Prize Winner – The Clove

Mrs. Lali Roy Choudhury wins the second prize on a heart rendering note about her longing for her mother in – ‘The Clove’.

Lali, your brilliant photograph brought out the longing for your mother that you penned down so beautifully for us and we felt it too!

You win ‘A pair of chai coffee mugs with a pair of blackboard coasters’ – Priced at Rs. 680/- + discounts on any Arcsun Art product of your choice until 31st May. (Pls see our website for details).

Here’s your winning write-up:

Mother is a great word in mankind that every one knows,but though it has an universal appeal, every person has a different perspective to describe their mother.

My mother is the best, like everybody in there childhood, I thought exactly the same. In fact she was best of the best, in my mind. Since I was growing up with my grand mother, my mother stayed in another
town with my father and brother at my father’s work place.

So it was like a gift when she came to meet us. Seeing her around was not a daily affair for me, that made her even more special and more expensive in my life. All the things related to Ma were very special to me. I didn’t want to stay away from her. I didn’t want to see her return ticket’s date, that was the age I needed her the most.

Whenever I missed her, I applied a small technique to feel her presence. That is a cute little clove, which Ma used to keep inside her mouth as a freshener. The fragrance of which had a hypnotic effect on me. Whenever she talked, laughed or even opened her mouth the fragrance worked as a magic. I loved it.

So my technique to feel her was to rush to grand ma’s kitchen, take a clove inside my mouth and feel her presence. Until today I have a weakness for this cute little black thing. Love you Ma.

Thank you so much Lali  for participating in our Mother’s Day Contest. You take home this fun and exciting chai coffee mugs with a pair of blackboard coasters – we’ve been told what amazing chai you make at home, so this prize is just the one for you. We’ll eagerly look forward to receiving your picture posing with your prize!!

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  • beautiful .. and so poignant.


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