Are You Giving Up Too Much As a Mom?

Balancing work & life for a mother can become a daunting  task
Balancing work & life for a mother can become a daunting task

Being a mother is so much joy. You’re the one who can give someone a family. You bring to this world a child that makes a family complete.

But sometimes fulfilling the role of a stay at home or a working mother can be a daunting task. A mother’s role sometimes can get overshadowed by the daily routine of the household and if you try to balance the two, it can get overwhelming at times.

For instance, you tend to work from home so that you can be there for your child, but at times you realise that how challenging it can be to get on those Skype calls, meet deadlines and finish work with a toddler running around.

If your boss or client is on the other side of the call, that’s the time your child wants you to take her to the bathroom and you don’t know what to do. You try to juggle everything and tell yourself that you won’t lose your temper, but you do and land up feeling guilty and you get more frustrated.

You’re not alone, find out how you can get the most out of life my making some lifestyle changes to give the best to yourself and your child right here.

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