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Men’s take on Women’s Day- Atulan Dasgupta

Why should girls have all the fun? This International Women’s Day, we decided to talk to the men on what they think about women, their presence in their lives and more. Here’s the third part of our series, a truly humbling conversation with this young director-producer from Mumbai. Take a look…
Here is another interview with Atulan Dasgupta, a 33-year-old Psychology graduate and a director-producer from Mumbai.
Atulan Dasgupta, Mumbai

Thoughts on Women and Women’s Day

“Women have been subjugated since the birth of humanity. There are plenty of countries including ours where the patriarchal society objectifies women and as a result the vulnerability of this gender increases. Hence it is important to celebrate Women’s Day to remind that whatever man has been, or is, it is because of this opposite gender which is far more strong, capable and talented and thus is not an object of subjugation,” explains Atulan.

He further adds, “Honestly the greatness of a gender has only being reflected by the women and unfortunately they have been victimised for the same. Today women are excelling more than men and that has also become a bane of existence for them. The United Nations has put this Women’s Day so that consciously men can start to recognise the women in their lives because our gender (men) is responsible for rape, and the fact that we beat up our pregnant wives after being drunk.” we think, by what Atulan is trying to tell us is that ideally there shouldn’t be a Women’s Day in the first place, only if the men loved and respected the women in their lives. Remember, it all begins from home – and if we can’t respect the mothers, sisters and wives, then we cannot expect anything for the women in the society as a whole.

What India must do for women

According to Atulan, the basic problem starts with the fact that men in India are mostly scumbags who are brought up in a way where they have always seen women being treated with utmost detest and scorn. They treat women as an object of sex and a reproduction machine. To fight all this, the perspective of women must be changed.  They should start standing up for what is right, they should know what is right and they should protest. It will take another 50 years before India can be safe for women.

Women at work

“Scientifically the perspective of a woman is way different to that of a man and thus having them in your team at work always enhances the output of a corporate,” says Atulan.

On asking Atulan about the proverbial glass ceiling, Atulan explains his views, “In my career, I have seen plenty of strong and successful women who have made it up the ranks to become CEOs, MDs, CMOs, EPs etc. But when we see it minutely then we notice that the journey of these success stories has not been easy. Some succumb to it and the others break the so-called ceiling and get out of the room.  The idea of Women’s Day should also be to celebrate and remind these women that they are all powerful, capable and talented.”

“Their keen sense of detailing actually helps them in being an entrepreneur. Consider all the global MNCs and their CEOs, such ICICI, PEPSICO, CRISIL, etc- they are all women who have come a long way. It’s better to have a woman boss than a man,” adds Atulan.

Atulan signs off with this truly wonderful message for our women readers:

“You are way more capable than us, and you don’t need us to celebrate you through a day made by the United Nations. You should celebrate yourselves every day and be proud of yourself because life is there on this planet because of you, whether you are a housewife or a CEO of a multibillion-dollar company. Raise the next generation to be more independent, strong-willed and compassionate. I have always been surrounded by women who had a strong moral fibre and an extensive personality who fought for what was right and stood by it till the end- my cousin Tanya Munshi and my wife Meenakshi Negi.”

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